"Director and Choreographer, Brian Swasey, has brilliantly blocked a big production in a small space. The choreography is a show in itself. Swasey paints a beautiful stage picture, allowing for the most simple look or gesture to radiate."
- Michael J. Tobin, BroadwayWorld.com
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"Swasey has a spirited vision, created a tight package, landed the right talent and used it well. He keeps it moving at an exciting clip from start to finish."
- Jeanne McCartin, SeacoastOnline.com
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"the Rep's production of the Broadway classic is big and bold"
- The Wire
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"Swasey's blocking and action is visually interesting and vivacious with a palpable mix of energies - hysterical to heartfelt."
- Jeanne McCarten, Seacoast Online
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"The La Boheme of the '90s receives a masterful production."
- Meghan Grumbling, The Portland Phoenix
"Swasey deftly molds the characters and then lets the story tell itself."
- Scarlett Ridgeway Savage, The Wire
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"The kind of zany material can fizzle in the wrong hands, but the director Brian Swasey keeps his cast tuned exactly to the right comic pitch, winning every laugh"
- John Kenrick, Musicals101.com
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"Swasey does a dynamite job with his choreography, which is smart and impeccably tailored to the smaller space."
- Jeanne McCartin, Seacoast Online
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"Swasey keeps everything moving with style. The dance numbers are tight, sharp, and well executed."
- Susan West Chamberlin, Seacoast Online
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"Director, Brian Swasey has the good sense to respect the key routines built into the show, but he goes the extra mile by throwing in plenty of ingenious touches."
- John Kenrick, Musicals101.com
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"Brian Swasey wisely took a straighforward approach to the staging, keeping the action focused and letting the cast concentrate on making every laugh and emotional wallop in the piece shine through. His simplified staging for Thousands of Trumpets turned a problematic number into a bona fide show stopper."
- John Kenrick, Musicals101.com
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"A glowing and colorful ensemble stood on the stage of the Little Theatre, as the St. John's Chappel Players opened their season with Seussical, the Musical."

"The visuals are wonderful, but more importantly successful Minahan's set allows you to breeze from one scene to another with the aid of Michael Turner's lighting design, very few prop moves, and the direction of Brian Swasey."

"It's an over-the-top show, which director Brian Swasey makes sure he takes a strickly over-the-top approach, giving us a huge live storybook onstage. Every aspect is enchanting."
- Scarlett Ridgeway Savage, The Wire
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"Director, Brian Swasey's pacing and staging are always a delight. If and when Broadway has the sense to make use of such a talent, theatre lovers will be better off."
- John Kenrick, Musicals101.com
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"A technical aspect that is well worth its own weight in gold is the choreography of Brian Swasey."
- John Delamar, Broadway Bullet
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Additional Quotes
"Director Brian Swasey works wonders, taking fresh perspectives on a myriad of songs and
maintaining a tricky balance between razzmatazz and cabaret-like intimacy."
- John Kenrick, Musicals101.com
"I feel like I got a directors workshop for free. Your stage direction and choreography was simple but
extremely effective."
- George Wood Jr., President, Theatre Sarnia, Ontario Canada
"His artistic and personal integrity are extremely high, creating an atmosphere where his cast and crew
trust him totally."
- Susan Scannell, Executive Producer Astoria Performing Arts Center
"Watch for this man's name in years to come."
- John Kenrick, Musicals101.com
"His sense of period style and musical theatre history was clearly demonstrated in his exciting
- Carol Lucha-Burns, Director of Musical Theatre, University of New Hampshire
"The girls sound and look great. Productions like these are a pleasure for me to see."
- Dan Goggin, Writer of Nunsense
"Director/Choreographer, Brian Swasey, filled the entire theatre with action, taking the fun into the
- Charles Battersby, OOBR online
"Director and choreographer, Brian Swasey, has superbly taken this tail of New Jersey Nuns across two rivers to Queens. "
- The Queens Scene
"What impressed me was his ability to teach beyond the choreography-each student had a complete
understanding of their character."
- Justin Ball, Scarsdale Summer Music Theatre Artistic Director
"It's a zany cross of fluff and mayhem, brought to life with zest and high spirits by director Brian
- Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com
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