"Brian is at the top of my list of directors I like to work with.  He is organized, talented, well versed and extremely passionate about musical theater.  He holds the valuable ability to break down a large (or small) musical step by step, come up with a road map and then execute his plan while maintaining an extremely high artistic quality and value.  I love watching Brian break down large musical numbers as if it's a recipe for your grandma's chocolate chip cookies.  He slowly adds each ingredient and watching the performers' faces and body language as the number builds and builds to the final product is when you, as the audience, realize he knew just when to add each step and element.  Brian's fantastic sense of humor is also helpful when tech week arrives!"
Alexis Dascoulias
Executive Director, Maui Onstage

"Brian Swasey has delivered some of Bristol Valley Theater's most inventive and entertaining productions in the past 5 years. His shows (Marvelous Wonderettes, Musical of Musicals, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) dazzle with color, crispness, and energy."
Karin Bowerstock
Artistic Director, Bristol Valley Theatre

"Working with Brian Swasey has been one of my most memorable and fun experiences as an actor. He directs in a beautiful and honest way! He guided our cast of 'RENT' on a roller coaster of emotions. He took a show with lyrics and songs that have been imbedded into our brains that we grew up with and added layers we NEVER knew could exist. An example, he had us sing the well known song "Seasons of Love" as we knew it (or thought we knew it)  - joyous and positive - then asked us to sing it again asking OURSELVES - "How do YOU measure a year?". He then made us sing it again and by the end of the song none of us could sing cause we were in tears! I knew from that first day Brian was here to push us to our limits, challenge us, teach us, and help us grow and TELL a story! I am grateful to have worked with Brian! Thank you!"
Albert Jennings
Actor, RENT

"I've had the pleasure of working with Brian Swasey over the past few years. He's an encouraging director, a true visionary, and always takes care of his actors. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again."
Ashley Kelley
Actor, Hairspray

"I had a wonderful experience working with Brian on "The Secret Garden".  He was adept at combining his time management skills and attention to detail with a thorough understanding of the characters and terrific ability to communicate and collaborate.  The entire process, from the first note to the final dance step, was enjoyable!"
Caitlin R. Fischer
Actor, The Secret Garden

"Brian's direction and choreography skills have been some of the most rewarding collaborations of my career thus far. His direction is always informed and supportive and I feel comfortable to explore and take risks. And I marvel at how he can teach and clean dance numbers to a group with a wide range of movement experience to be compelling, manageable for actors, and a thrill for audiences to watch. He truly brings out the best in me as a performer!"
Katelyn Machnica
Actor, The Marvelous Wonderettes

"It was a privilege working with such a talented director like Brian Swasey. Brian is someone who knows what he wants and works collaboratively with the entire production team to ensure the show is the best that it can be!"
Christopher Rhoton
Set Designer, The Rocky Horror Show

"Brian is wonderful to work with. He has great vision and works with the actors each specifically finding the truth in their work..."
Matthew Curtis
Actor, The Secret Garden

"Brian is inventive, collaborative and a wonderful choreographer. He's also a consummate professional and such a giving artist. It was a pleasure doing 'The Wild Party' with him!"
Julie Cardia
Actor – The Wild Party

"Working with Brian has been a great experience.  Not only is he very clever, but he is quick thinking and light on his feet. Any actor should look forward to working with him."
Daniel Zimberg
Actor, The Secret Garden

"I had the pleasure of being Brian Swasey's assistance director/choreographer at the Ogunquit Playhouse. I had never worked "behind the table" and wanted to learn from someone I respected and admired. I worked on Broadway with Mike Nichols (Spamalot) and Stephen Daldrey (Billy Elliot) and Brian's communication with actors strides above these men. He has the ability like Susan Stroman (Steel Pier and Thou Shalt Not) to make everyone in the room feel valuable and that their contribution to the piece is important. His enthusiasm and joy for the theatre is infectious. Next I work for him, I hope me hires me as an actor, because I know he'll get my best work out of me."
Brad Bradley
Assistant Director, The Berenstain Bears

"Brian Swasey cares for his product, in every respect. His patience, understanding, expertise and personal touch are rampant throughout his productions. You couldn't ask to work with a better professional. Working with Brian Swasey was an an absolute pleasure and I hope to do it again soon."
Knate Higgins
Actor, RENT

"Working with Brian was a fantastic experience! He's very personable and creative, and I'm so glad I got to work with him on my first professional production!"
Leslie Jackson
Actor, The Secret Garden

"Brian is great at forcing the actor to look further into the material in order to develop a fully defined character. He creates a creative rehearsal atmosphere that allows an actor to have great moments of discovery within the script and music."
Patrick McGee
Actor, The Secret Garden

"Brian is just simply amazing! I have been in this business for 5 years and I have wanted to work with him and somet ime and to finally work with him was a blessing!! He has a vision for choreography and directing which we know as actors is a very hard job. He is fun, exciting, welcoming, understanding, and knows what he wants when "crunch time" comes. If you get a chance to work or hire him DO SO... you will not regret it!!"
Jerrial Young
Actor, Ain't Misbehavin'

"Brian's choreography echoes the essence of each character. The movement helped me dig deeper into my own personal choices and formed a foundation that I could build upon. Every gesture, cross, or turn had value and intention behind it. I loved working with him!"
Kimberly Exum
Actor, Ain't Misbehavin'

"Working with Brian Swasey on The Secret Garden was an exceptional experience. Not only was he a positive and supportive presence as a director, but his passion and commitment to the production weaved every element together exquisitely - from the actors to the lights - to create a gorgeous retelling of The Secret Garden.  I'm so proud to have worked with Brian on that production."
Sheira Feuerstein
Actor, The Secret Garden

"I absolutely loved working with Brian. He is one of the most positive, patient, and nurturing directors I have ever known. He motivated each of us to bring our characters to life on a more in depth, personal level and gave us the necessary tools with which to do so. He brought his own unique vision to The Secret Garden and he made it come alive beautifully."
Kathleen Desilva
Actor, The Secret Garden

"Brian has a deep knowledge of musical theatre, great instincts with people and is 100% reliable. Whenever I asked him to work on something, I could consider it done. He arrives prepared, but he can make adjustments on the spot. He stays fully present through the whole process and does it all with integrity. I loved working with Brian and would be happy to recommend him to anyone."
Kathryn Markey
Director, Fiddler on the Roof

"Brian is sweet, talented and an all-around professional. As an actor, you can trust him to be a keen leader with a clear vision who also creates space for your creativity to blossom. I adored working with him and would do it again in a heartbeat!"
Holland Hamilton
Actor, The Rocky Horror Show

"Brian taught me that being professional can be both fun and hard work. It was never one without the other. It was truly rewarding experience and I cannot wait for the next time I work with him."
Justin Morin
Actor, RENT

"Brian is a teacher with a great balance of humor, expectation, skill and patience.  Whether teaching a complicated dance routine or helping campers swim or knit – Brian instills great confidence in youngsters.  This confidence allows them to push themselves to new levels.  I have had the privilege of watching a dance student almost give up when Brian turns him around and gently adds one element to the next until the student has gone far beyond what he originally thought he could do.  Now the student's confidence has been built to where he is willing to try new things.  I would hire Brian again and again!"
Alexis Dascoulias
Camp Director, Camp CenterStage

"Brian is one of the more talented, hard-working, dedicated directors I've had the privilege of working with. He can bring out the heart and soul from a performer and put on one Hell of a show!"
Corinne Tork
Actor, Chicago

"Brian is a very talented and passionate director who challenged me and helped me to grow as an actor with his thorough instruction and creative insight. He was always fully prepared and made himself available to his actors for guidance and collaboration at all times. I hope to work with him again soon!"
Brittney Leigh Morton
Actor, A Taffeta Wedding

"Working with Brian was a great pleasure. His choreography is precise, clear, and always supports the music and the show. He has a great talent for working with dancers of varying ability and training while still producing great work. I'd happily work for him again!"
Zak Edwards
Actor, The Wild Party

"Working with Brian was a great pleasure. His choreography is precise, clear, and always supports the music and the show. He has a great talent for working with dancers of varying ability and training while still producing great work. I'd happily work for him again!"
Asia Kraft
Actor, Ain't Misbehavin'

"I loved working with Brian. He is compassionate, skillful, smart, and straightforward. He was the first director I ever worked with that was willing to engage with me about my character. I consistently looked forward to going to rehearsal and knew that any choice I was going to try would be noticed, appreciated, and molded into the overall show. Triumph of Love was, for me, the first time I was able to honestly craft an entire journey for my character. I give a lot of that credit to Brian. Additionally, I was lucky enough to work with him again on a staged reading project and was delighted to find him consistent regardless of the scale of the production."
Trip Pettigrew-Rolapp
Actor, Triumph of Love

"Brian Swasey is an amazing, kind, and inspirational director.  He really knows how to speak to an actor to maximize creative expression"
Victor Borjas
Actor, The Secret Garden

"Working with Brian is a pleasure.  He is a strong leader and a committed collaborator.  When we worked together, he had a clear vision for the production, but also gave me the freedom to explore a wide range of scenic ideas.  I am really proud of the show we created together!"
Tim McMath
Set Designer, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

"Brian was a joy to work with.   Always prepared, ever flexible, and full of practical solutions.  He nurtured a safe and creative environment for his cast and collaborated well with designer and production teams.  Brian leads through inspiration rather than dictation."
Paul Brewster
Education Director, Ogunquit Playhouse

"I had a blast working on Rocky Horror with Brian. He is the kind of director I love to work with, giving us free reign to play within this crazy world, but still setting up how far we could go and what was expected of us. I was encouraged to make bold choices and find what worked, I never felt stifled. Plus his choreography was really fun and energetic. I had a great experience working with Brian."
Glen North
Actor, Rocky Horror Show

"'Settling' is not in Brian's vocabulary. He brings the highest level of dedication and professionalism to his work and expects nothing less from his actors."
Tommy Labanaris
Costume Designer, Chicago

"Brian made me realize my full potential. He brought me to places that I never thought I could physically and vocally go. I gauge the work I continue to do based on my experience with him."
Ryan Bates
Actor, Altar Boyz

"Brian is the whole package- he puts a show together so completely with his clear vision as director and stunning choreography! He is cohesive, collaborative, and fiercely creative !!!"
Jessica Ball
Actor, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

"Working with Brian Swasey is such a joy-- I have never worked so hard and had so much fun in the rehearsal room! He is not only a wonderful choreographer, but a very smart director-- he's able to answer any question you have about a character, or even why a certain joke is funny. With Brian at the helm, you are guaranteed to have an amazing production!"
Courtney Nolan Smith
Actor, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

"Brian is wonderful to work with. Going through the rehearsal process with him is always a positive experience. He is clear and to the point in rehearsal which makes tech a breeze. He is always willing to work hard and collaborate with the production team, and comes out with a fabulous product every time."
Julie Shelton
Stage Manager, The Marvelous Wonderettes

"I appreciated Brian's professional outlook on our production of Sweeney Todd, being only my second production out of college.  I think about that show all the time, how he brought life, humor, and fright to this touchy 'fine-line' subject matter!  He was always a patient, gentle director, guiding me with pointers that made me feel the difference in my acting, and gave me confidence that I was doing well.  It all meant a lot to me, being a rather 'green' actress."
Marissa Sheltra
Actor, Sweeney Todd

"Brian is one of the most adept at finding ways to make a rehearsal process a safe haven for expressing your creativity in conjunction with his vision. I always feel at ease to suggest an idea for my character and he is more than willing to explore it and together we find the right balance for the show. Always a marvelous creative journey when I work with him!"
Michael Karraker
Actor, Chicago

"Working with Brian as my Director on a few different projects was always a collaboration, which is so appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. Brian's passion for what he does is obvious and leads to the creation of a very welcoming creative environment...I'd love to work with him again and again."
Stephanie Wilberding
Actor, A New Brain

"As a director, Brian showed great attention to detail, but also found the time to invest in process-based character work, which not only made for a stunning production, but an overall enriching experience for myself as an actor."
Patrick Heffernan
Actor, A Taffeta Wedding

"Working with Brian Swasey was a wonderful experience. We had a great time collaborating and bringing our vision into fruition for Ain't Misbehavin. He has a great sense of staging in difficult spaces both scenically and with his actors. As a designer, Brian is the kind of director that I always looks forward to working with. Someone who has a great sense of setting and space but who enjoys collaborating and working through a multitude of ideas to get the best solution for the production. I look forward to working with him again soon."
Melissa Shakun
Set Designer, Ain't Misbehavin'

"Brian Swasey trusts his designers, savoring every idea brought to the table. His careful editing and shaping of these ideas allow my work to take on a life and purpose beyond what I am able to originally conceive. This element of surprise throughout the process is very rewarding."
Michael Minahan
Set Designer, Peter Pan

"Brian is a blessing to the theatre community. A sharp visionary who facilitates a productive environment where the artist can thrive. Such an honor and a pleasure to work with him as Roxie in his beautiful production of CHICAGO. What a privilege to share this piece with audiences night after night."
Jessi Trauth
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