Psycho Logic

Psycho Logic


Psycho Logic is a noir suspense thriller about Johno Beltran, an LAPD detective whose life, marriage and career is devastated when his inadvertent mishandling of evidence leads to a not-guilty verdict for a guilty torture-murderer. Our story begins four years after the trial with Johno now living out of his car and working as a parking attendant at a celebrity haunt.
The man who got away with murder, Dr. Luke Vico, is a wealthy plastic surgeon to the stars. When Dr. Vico isn't slapping his girlfriends around, he likes to abduct college co-eds and slowly bleed them to death. One night, he pulls into the restaurant where Johno works. Their worlds collide again and the eventual outcome isn't pretty.
Alyssa Lido lives down the beach from Dr. Vico. She meets Johno as a result of his ill-fated clash with the infamous killer. The sexual voodoo between Johno and Alyssa is strong, her marriage to a psychiatrist notwithstanding. Alyssa suspects her husband, who once treated her for paranoia, of manipulating some of his more vulnerable patients for sex. When a porn star patient is found dead, Johno is convinced that the shrink killed her to cover up his sex-crimes and worries that Alyssa is next on his hit list. As events spiral out of control, Johno and Alyssa are sucked into a vortex of blackmail, pornography, torture, betrayal, vengeance, love, guilt, passion, murder, muscle cars and valet parking.

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Craig Faustus Buck
Paperback | 120 pages
152 x 229 x 7mm | 186g
Publication date
16 May 2014
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform